Support/ Training Services for Educational Establishments

There are many pressures on educational establishments and the people who work within them.

Time management, targets, stress, relationship dynamics, inflexible systems, lack of funding and resources all contribute to a challenging environment where there is a high level of anxiety and sick leave.

At The Link Centre we are passionate about using our knowledge and skills to support educators, children and parents to create environments where students and staff can flourish together.

Transactional Analysis is used widely throughout the world in education. Its psychological theory and models can support people gaining insight into stress and how to manage it, relationship dynamics and how to work co-operatively with peers, parents, and children. It can help us understand different personality types, motivations and give an understanding of preferences and different working styles. Through increased personal awareness we develop greater resilience and can manage the day today challenges more effectively.

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“The teaching approach at the Link Centre underpins the very theory they are delivering.” Annette Jones