Our coaching team work with individuals at all levels of an organisation from board level through to line management positions and individual staff members.

They deal with both the personnel and organisational problems that they encounter. The Link Centre offers the opportunity to work one to one with one of our experienced coaches to identify and address workplace issues.

The Link Centre coaching team have a wide breath of experience of working in and with organisations, from small start-up companies through to large multi-national corporations and in a variety of contexts.

We use our depth of psychological knowledge including Transactional Analysis to facilitate insight and awareness of the issues, explore potential blind spots and sabotages and develop motivation, action plans and support in making changes that will enhance effectiveness at work.

TA has within it many tools that can enable people to understand both themselves and other people better. From this understanding it provides approaches that can empower people to better manage difficult communications and relationships and help in achieving their workplace goals.


“Insightful facilitator.”

Dean Forbes