We are an organisation that offers training within a variety of different contexts that include courses for organisations, educational establishments, and individuals.

For organisations we offer tailor made packages in a range of areas such as: Building Resilience, Stress Management, Improving Team Dynamics, Managing Challenging Relationships, Blocks to Success, Wellbeing at Work, Coaching, Coaching supervision and other areas.

In educational establishments we offer tailor made packages to support schools in managing the challenges of working in an often pressured environment with competing needs and priorities to enhance the wellbeing of staff and children.

For individuals interested in psychological health we offer a range of short and long term courses for personal and professional development. These include introductory workshops for general interest through to longer term courses leading to qualification/recognition and accreditation in counselling, psychotherapy and supervision

The training team has a wide breadth of experience of working in a range of organisational, educational, counselling and psychotherapy settings.


“Friendly and approachable, as well as very astute, insightful and perceptive, which is a rare and powerful combination.”

Janet Stevenson