The Link Centre Interview: Lyn Hayward – Placement Officer

Placement Officer

Interview: Placement Officer – Lyn Hayward

How did you get involved with the Link Centre?
I got involved with the Link Centre after going into therapy myself and becoming fascinated by how therapy helped me through a difficult issue. At times I felt my therapist knew more about me than I knew about me! This fascination led to me apply to The Link Centre for a place on their 4-year part-time Counselling/Psychotherapy course.
Even though academically I struggled I received immense support both from my year group and my tutors.
Although I felt at the beginning of the course that I had started what seemed to be a very long journey, it flew by and on my last day at college felt a great sense of sadness that I would not see my fellow students and tutors so regularly.
Can you define your role in the Link Centre to new students or readers?
After about 2 years Leilani asked if I would like to become The Link Centre placement officer. This involved re-vamping their placement system and I willingly embarked on improving the list to make it more student-friendly and started a search to find placement providers to add to the list. Since then I have expanded my work to become The Link Centre Librarian.
The library has in excess of 900 books and students can access the library list and apply to me to have books out on loan. My role of student records officer involves keeping good and concise records of each students achievements, attendance, essay results, personal therapy etc.
What are the main duties of your role and what is the most fulfilling area?
My job is immensely fulling in many ways but mostly because I can watch the students go through the training (as I myself did), helping some to find a placement and watching their achievements and their growth. It is great to be able to spend time with the other staff members and spend time within the world of counselling/psychotherapy.
Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for new Link Centre students?
My advice to students would be to enjoy your experience at The Link Centre it will go quickly and never struggle The Link Centre offers great support both whilst training and post-training. I encourage students to contact me and ask for help with anything that is puzzling them and needs an answer. If I cannot give them a concise answer I will find someone who can and point them in that direction.

How do you feel Link Centre students should use the placements going forward with their careers?

Placement work is, of course, mandatory if students want to go on to take their Counselling Diploma. This work can help the trainee to gain a sense of session structure and working within an ethical framework. Importantly placement work offers great learning opportunities.

If you would like more information on any Link Centre course, counselling or placement opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.