Short Courses and Workshops

We offer a range of different courses and workshops each year which are suitable for those with a general interested in psychology, personal and professional development and enhancing their knowledge and skills. We also offer workshops for health professionals for CPD. Each workshop indicates the audience that it is directed at however you are welcome to enquire more about particular workshops or if there is something you would like to attend that we are not offering then let us know. We can also offer in house workshops if required.

Short Courses and Workshops Courses

Online TA Events – 2 Hours – in collaboration with Online Events

A series of twice weekly 2 hour talks and discussion, in collaboration with Online Events, on all TA topics. Held on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings, these operate on a self-select fee.


Link Centre Open Evening – Live Online

Wednesday 27th January – 6.30pm to 8.00pm

A live online open evening for you to find out about our part-time counselling and psychotherapy courses.

Applied Transactional Analysis in the Workplace ( Organisational TA )

A series of 10 monthly online workshops on applying Transactional Analysis principles and concepts within an organisation allowing organisational growth and change.

Tues Evenings, 6pm – 8,00pm (BST)

8th September to 13th July

Certificate in Bereavement and Loss (Online) – 18 hours – £260

6 x 3 hour Monday evenings between 1st February and 22nd March.

Look at your own views and experiences of loss, as well as considering how we work in the therapy room with those who have experienced loss.

Structure & Dynamics of Organisations & Groups: Let’s explore together!( Organisational TA )

A 4 x 4 hour organisational ta forum, led by Sabine-Inken Schmidt, to explore Eric Berne’s book “Structure & Dynamics of Organisations and Groups. Discovering this book, you will be able to see how Transactional Analysis was born out of Group Theories embracing models for Individuals and Organisations. This is an important factor of the identity of the Transactional Analyst when working in Organisations.

Certificate in Working with Gender Diversity – 18 hours (online)

6 x 3 hour sessions – Feb/Mar 2020

This is an emerging client group and practitioners may feel curious, interested, anxious or that the presenting issues are beyond their experience to work with. Learn about the unique challenges faced by clients seeking to achieve mind-body congruence as they explore their gender identity and the treatment available to them.

Certificate in Working with Trauma (online) – 30 hours – £445

12 Tuesday Evenings (Feb to May)

This training for working with trauma will be a co-created and experiential course. As a training group we will work together to support your professional development as a counsellor or therapist working with traumatised clients.  


We will explore theoretical frameworks relating to trauma. We will work with clinical client examples to support the integration of theory and practice. 

Working with Groups (Online)

17th/18th April 2021

Suitable for those who have qualified and those who are still in training, this Certificate course will extend your knowledge and skill base to work with counselling groups.

Certificate in Working Creatively (online) – 18 hours – £260

6 x 3 hour Monday evenings between 10th May and 21st June 2021

The use of creative interventions in the therapy room – gain confidence and inspiration in working creatively.

Relational Neuroscience: An Introduction to Interpersonal Neurobiology – 30 hours – £445 -Online

10 Evening sessions between May and July 2021

What do therapists need to know about the brain and the body whilst working clients? Interpersonal neurobiology gives us a scientific framework to consider interventions and enhance our treatment planning.

Study Support for Counselling and Psychotherapy Students

We are running a series of support sessions for counselling and psychotherapy students

Certificate in Working with Couples

3 x 2 days between February and July 2021

This course is for those wanting to develop their practice in working with couples who may be new to this area or wanting to build on their existing knowledge and experience.

The Watering Hole Living & Learning with TA ( and beyond) – Jan to Jul 21 – £350

This monthly online gathering space is for educators (teachers, trainers, parents, facilitators, coaches etc) to bring their curiosity, questions, thoughts and ideas. Each 2 hour session will be based on different theme, creating an open space to explore and learn, to replenish, to gain support and also to roll with the emergent process of the group.

Thurs Evening 6.30pm – 8.30pm (London)

14th January to 15th July 2021

Working with Eating Disorders and Obesity (Online) – 30 hours – £445

23rd/24th January & 6th/7th February 2021

Split over two weekends, this introductory course has been devised for therapists and health professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, ability and confidence when working with eating disorders and obesity in order to be able to work competently and ethically in supporting their clients.

Spirituality in the Therapy Room and Beyond (15 hours – Jan to March)

6 x 2.5 hour sessions – January to March

A 6-week on-line courses will explore and engage with the concepts of Physis (the life force in nature), Intuition (direct knowledge gained without reasoning) and Autonomy (the experience of true awareness, spontaneity and intimacy).

Exam Preparation / CPD Group (Online) – 6 days

6 day of Exam Prep / CPD TA Training. An ongoing group to support students on the final leg of their TA journey and a collegial environment that will give challenge, motivation and focus to achieve whatever your goal might be.

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