The Watering Hole Living & Learning with TA ( and beyond) – Jan to Jul 21 – £350

A series of 7 monthly Educational TA online workshops on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (London) between 14th January and 15th July 2021.

This monthly online gathering space is for educators (teachers, trainers, parents, facilitators, coaches etc) to bring their curiosity, questions, thoughts and ideas. At each two hour session Giles will introduce a different theme, creating an open space to explore and learn, to replenish, to gain support and also to roll with the emergent process of the group.
Our aim is to create a nourishing collegial experience for those interested in the learning process to come together and to drink deeply amongst colleagues in a relaxed, stimulating and supportive environment.

14th Jan  – Script, schooling and education:

We will explore connections between our experience of school and how that impacts on personal script.  It will be the basis for looking afresh at education, how we see ourselves as learners and understand the role of the teacher.

18th Feb – Educator as Cultivator:  

In this session we will think about cultivation as a metaphor for education. What are the implications for the teacher and student relationship?  How can we promote the equivalent of ‘organic process’ as opposed to’ intensive farming’ in the educational task?

18th March  – Cycle of Development:

This will be an introduction to a classic TA model but with a strong twist of educational perspective.

15th April  – Liminality & Education:

To be in the in-between space – the liminal place – can disturbing at several levels.  We will look at it as a way of understanding transformational education.

13th May  – Adolescence

An educational perspective:  For those living and working with teenagers it is often regarded as a difficult time.  We will look at a more constructive re-frame of adolescence that sees it as a time of renewal.

17th June  – Education as Encounter

This session will consider how we imagine education exists, in our mind, in our culture and philosophically.  We will explore the concept of natality – birth – and wonder about how this might ‘fit’ in an education for our time.

15th July  – Beyond Education

Finally, in this session we’ll look toward holistic education and let it take us into the connection with soil, soul and society.

Course Delivery: Live online using Zoom

Course Tutor: Giles Barrow and Leilani Mitchell


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Booking and Dates

14th January to 15th July 2021


Upcoming Dates:

14th January to 15th July (Monthly Thursday evening)

Payment Options:

£50 deposit payment with the balance of £300 due before the start of the course.  Details will be sent regarding the payment of the balance.

Please contact us if you would like to pay the whole amount now via invoice.

Cancellation Policy:

Deposit payment is non-refundable.

50% refund will be given for cancellations with more than 7 days notice.


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