Effective Consultancy: Starting the right way!

Please note date change from previously advertised May date to 22nd June

If a new project fails, the source of the failure can often be traced back to the start. Can you remember the pressure you feel at the start of a project? To get results? To be effective? To deliver on time?

Without observing the dynamics in the organisation, we may start the work we are assigned to do, but be limited in how effective we can be. A well thought out strategy at the start of a project supports its success. Do we, as consultants, pay enough attention to the way we enter the organisation?

In this 2 hour online workshop we will focus on this starting process and using concepts from Transactional Analysis, we will look at ways to improve your effectiveness. We will discuss the importance of holding back on our judgements, giving space for curiosity and observing the way the organisation works and learns.

We will be following the Cycles of Development (Levin-Landheer P. The Cycle of Development, TAJ 1982:12(2)129-139) as a strategy for entering the organisation.

We will facilitate a practical guide for you, as a consultant, to be more effective through a thoughtful start to each project. You will gain more awareness of group dynamics and the idea that the moment you enter the organisation, the organisation also enters you.

Course Tutors:-

Sabine-Inken Schmidt is an internationally endorsed Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA) in the Organisational Field. She holds a diploma in Knowledge Management, which helps her understand how people structure the world around them.

Sabine-Inken has spent more than 20 years in leading roles in the Human Resources sector of global companies, where she enjoys working at the interface between strategy and real people.

Her passion is interweaving Transactional Analysis and organisational development in the workplace. She also holds a degree in counselling and further training in behavioural methods (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) which allows her to build a bridge between counselling and organisational application.

Participants have described her workshops as “inspirational” and “thought-provoking”.

Patrick Odendaal is an internationally recognized trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis (PTSTA) in the field of Organisations.

He has worked for nearly 20 years for all kinds of government, health and welfare organisations where he supported the organisation to work more effectively by applying process management.

Patrick uses a self-developed method that provides simplicity and clarity to improving the structure of the organisation. At the same time, he supports the organisation to improve the culture practically with the language of Transactional Analysis.

Patrick can be recognised by his practical way of working, in which he makes extensive use of his intuition. He translates his feelings into clear language that helps.

Participant Numbers: There will be a maximum of 20 participants on this course


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Tuesday 22nd June 2021


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Tuesday 22nd June

6.00pm – 8.00om (London)

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