Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis Theory

This course is for those who would like to deepen their theoretical knowledge of TA and to apply it in a range of areas such as personal development, counselling, coaching, management, care work, parenting, education, and psychotherapy. This is a stand- alone course and must be completed by those wanting to progress to our counselling and psychotherapy training. Teaching will be interactive, with taught elements, case examples and experiential exercises. Groups will be a maximum of 20 participants but generally we like to limit them to 16.

Pre Course requirement: Attendance on TA101 ,  Qualifications and Experience criteria (Applicants need to either have either a degree or equivalent life and work experience. We aim to be as flexible and inclusive as possible and take in to account things like parenting, voluntary work, work experience, caring positions, relevant training and committee work) , Completed application form and successful interview. (Interview dates at 7.00pm on Thursday 5th September or at 4.45pm on Sunday 13th October.  Please contact us to book an interview

Sample Content:

  • Week 1. The foundations of TA, learning expectations and group contract ( Contracting)
  • Week 2. Different aspects of the self and other ( Ego States)
  • Week 3. Communication styles and social needs (Transactions and Stroke)
  • Week 4. Attachment, brain function and child development ( Attachment)
  • Week 5. Early experiences and foundations of our beliefs ( Script, Life Positions)
  • Week 6. Early decisions and how they affect us (Drivers and Injunctions)
  • Week 7. Repetitive patterns with self and others ( Games and Rackets)
  • Week 8. How we maintain our view of the world ( Discounting/Symbiosis/ Passivity)
  • Week 9. Groups and how they affect us ( Group boundaries/process)
  • Week 10. Personality types and saying goodbye (Personality Adaptations)

Assessment: Ongoing learning journal, short questionnaires following each weekend, two essays on aspects of TA (2000, 1000 words).  We would expect students to complete approximately 7 hours of self-study per week (this will vary from student to student and at different times of the academic year).

Personal Therapy: Personal therapy (min 40 sessions per year) is a requirement for those wanting to continue on to the clinical years. For those who only want to attend this year personal therapy is strongly encouraged to get the best from the course.

Recognition: On completion of this course successful participants will be awarded a Certificate in TA Theory and if they have completed the therapy requirement can apply for a UKATA award.

Course Fee: The course fee for full payment before the start of the course is £1870.  There is a also a termly payment scheme available.  Full details of course costs can be found here in the Guide to Foundation Year costs.

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£1870 ( 2019/2020)

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Upcoming Dates:

Course Dates (Academic year 2019/2020):

19th/20th October 2019
16th/17th November 2019
7th/8th December 2019
11th/12th January 2020
8th/9th February 2020
7th/8th March 2020
4th/5th April 2020
2nd/3rd May 2020
6th/7th June 2020
4th/5th July 2020

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Termly payment scheme available


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