Spirituality in the Therapy Room and Beyond – Physis, Intuition and Autonomy – Grief and Growth

Geoff Hopping and Jane Tillier are offering a further course exploring spirituality in the therapy room and beyond with three significant themes from Transactional Analysis – Physis, Intuition and Autonomy. Physis (the life force in nature), Intuition (direct knowing gained without reasoning) and Autonomy (the experience of true awareness, spontaneity and intimacy).These were key ideas in the work of Eric Berne, the founding soul of TA but have been given little attention in theory development and writing in TA since.

The focus of this course will be love.

We are, in so many ways, invited to love ourselves but what might self-love mean? We believe that people fundamentally come into therapy to be able to love themselves more deeply. In turn, we can perhaps then learn to love others and the planet in all its manifestations.

But that is easily said… We also believe that the blocks to loving ourselves are multi-faceted and often involve grieving processes. This can mean grieving for the loss of a love object or grieving for what we never had. It might mean grieving for the disconnection from ourselves through distorted thinking and cultural misinformation.

We may be grieving the fact that that we were taught to put on a front in order to survive in the world and that we have forgotten who we are and our purpose for being here. We may have been taught to believe in a materialistic/consumerist system which has meant we have lost sight of what is profoundly important. We may have lost our vitality to symbiotic relationships and the fear of individuating.

These will be the foundational themes of this short course. We will be highlighting the blocks to self-love that might need to be faced so that we can free ourselves to love ourselves, others and the planet. The course will draw on psychotherapeutic and spiritual ideas from ancient and contemporary wisdom traditions.

We are inviting people to join us who will commit to participating with courage, willing to face some of these things with an open heart in a community of fellow travellers. Participants do not need to have attended either of the previous courses.

Course Delivery: Live Online using Zoom

Course Completion: A Link Centre CPD certificate

Course Cost: £270 – a deposit of £50 is payable on booking with the balance of £220 payable by 15th May. Details will be sent regarding payment of the balance. Course Fee to be paid in full if booking after 15th May

Cancellation Policy: The deposit is non-refundable. 50% refund will be given on cancellations with more than 7 days’ notice

Course Tutors: Geoff Hopping & Jane Tillier

Geoff Hopping  is a well-regarded and highly qualified Psychotherapist (TA and Psychoanalytic), Supervisor and Trainer with decades of experience working in mental health and psychotherapy settings. Latterly he has worked in a high security prison as a Consultant Psychotherapist specialising in Group Work.  He is reconnecting to a passionate interest in spirituality and is currently in training with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. Geoff also held the role of primary tutor at the Metanoia Institute since 1996 and left there in the summer of 2019, following his move to Brighton. Geoff is a core tutor at The Link Centre.

Jane Tillier has over 30 years of experience in offering warm, relational and inclusive soul-space to individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings such as healthcare (hospice, hospital and primary care), education (school and university) and church.  With a background in the study of Modern Languages and a PhD in Spanish, she was among the first women to be ordained priest in the Church of England in 1994.  She is now also a UKCP-listed trainee psychotherapist, with particular interests in the interface between psychotherapy and spirituality and in the impact of neurodiversity in mental health and wellbeing.  She is in the process of completing her MSc in TA Psychotherapy and her Certificate in Transactional Analysis at the Metanoia Institute.



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£270 ( a deposit of £50 with the balance due by 15th May)

Booking and Dates

7th June to 12th July 2021


Upcoming Dates:

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June & 5th, 12th July 2021 (6pm – 8.30pm)

Cancellation Policy:

50% refund will be given on cancellations with more than 7 days’ notice


Online Event (Zoom)


Geoff Hopping and Jane Tillier

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