Talk the TAlk, Walk the Walk – TA Community Fundraising Event

Book your ticket via the “book this course” button and then visit Nicola’s Go Fund Me Page to make your donation and read about her story.

This event is to raise money for Nicola Sheehan, a Transactional Analyst with cerebral palsy. Nicola is fundraising for Bionic legs, so that she can walk without fear.

On the 22nd July we are offering 18 bite-sized TA workshops (15 minutes each) with 18 different presenters. We will have a five minute break every half an hour. 

You can tune in and out as you please and donate whatever you like ( please be as generous as you can).  The event starts at 4.00pm ( BST) and ends at 9.30pm (BST)

Come and join us and let’s do something amazing together!


Talk the TAlk line-up:

16.00: Welcome– Leilani Mitchell Dip. Couns., CTA (P) Psychotherapist, TSTA (P) Director of The Link Centre, and recent new mum to four Quail chicks.

16.10: Workshop 1 – Mindfulness and TA.
We are not our thoughts – glimpses of a fundamental Okness.
Speaker: Martin Wells CTA (P), TSTA (P) is a consultant psychotherapist in the NHS and author of Sitting in Stillness.
16.25: Workshop 2 – Watching & Waiting: Berne’s Thinking Martian Re-Conceptualised
Speaker: Steff Oates, TSTA (P) UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist, ITAA Vice President.
16. 40: 5-Minute Break 
16.45: Workshop 3 – Exploring Pet Bereavement Counselling
Speaker: Beverley J. Kemp MBACP  Dip.Couns. (Transactional Analysis)
17.00: Workshop 4  – Intuition In/And Relationship Assessment
When considering how to develop the most effective relationship with clients who present with complexity, intuition offers so many possibilities.
Speaker: Kathie Hostick TSTA (P) UKCP Psychotherapist, Chair of UKATA Exams Committee
17.15: 5-Minute Break
17.20: Workshop 5  – What Is Empathy?
Empathy is generally seen as one of the most important elements of effective therapy, but what are we actually talking about here?
Speaker: Mark Head TSTA (P) UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Direct of The Link Centre
17.35: Workshop 6 – Staying Alive: A Focus on Physis
Speaker: Bev Gibbons CTA(P),  PTSTA (P) UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, UKATA Chair
17. 50 – 5 -Minute Break
17.55: Workshop 7 – Achilles Heel. Vulnerability As A Professional Gift
Speaker:Sabine-Inken Schmidt. PTSTA (O)
18. 10: Workshop 8 – Life As A Therapist & The Politics Of Disability
Speakers: Helen Rowland, PTSTA (P) UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, chats with Nicola Sheehan, CTA (P) UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, about her life as a therapist, the politics of disability, and her bionic legs fundraiser.
18. 25 : 5-Minute Break
18.30: Workshop 9 – Eric Berne’s Idea Of Hungers
Well… it’s tea time… are you hungry?  Why not munch along whilst getting back to basics and looking at Eric Berne’s idea of Hungers.
Speaker: Fleur Newton-Edwards CTA 9P) PTSTA[P] UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Core Tutor at The Link Centre
18.45: Workshop 10 – Staying in Adult in Times of Stress
Speaker: Charlotte Sills CTA(P), TSTA (P) is a UKCP registered psychotherapist in private practice and a supervisor, trainer and consultant in a variety of settings.  She has been working in the field of psychological therapies since 1979 and is a BACP senior accredited supervisor, a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst and a Professor of Coaching at Ashridge.
19.00: 5-Minute Break
19.05: Workshop 11 – The Treatment of Permissions
Working with what you want more of is an important aspect of development.  We will look at how permissions support us in the transformation of Script.
Speaker: Janine Piccirella , Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Trainer – PTSTA (P), MSc. UKCP Reg. MBACP Accred. & EMDR Practitioner and core tutor at The Link Centre.
19.20: Workshop 12 – Relational Risk Assessment For Suicidal Clients 
How can we find utility in our countertransference when working with the suicidal client.
Speaker: Andy Williams TSTA (P)  BACP Snr Accred.  BABCP Accred  UKCP  MA.  MSc.
19.35 – 5-Minute Break
19.40: Workshop 13 – Where Is The Boundary?
Examining a possible evolution of Berne’s theories on group structure, considering the roles of leader and members in creating inclusion, intimacy, and safety in our virtual world.
Speaker: Rosalind Sharples CTA (P) , PTSTA (P) UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.
19. 55: Workshop 14  – ‘Growing Up Again, Again, Again …’
Using the cycles of development to support personal growth in the therapy/coaching/class room. Speaker: Steve Russell MEd , PGCE, BA (Hons).
20.10 – 5-Minute Break
20.15: Workshop 15 – Your Brain Loves Yoga
Speaker: Natasha Wellfare Accredited Counsellor and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.
20.30 : Workshop 16 – Interview With Keith Tudor & Graeme Summers On Co-Creative TA
Keith Tudor PhD, CQSW, Dip. Psychotherapy,  TSTA (P) Keith has recently won the 2020 Eric Berne Memorial Award, with Graeme Summers for their work on co-creative TA and will be interviewed by Leilani Mitchell.
Speakers: Keith Tudor, Graeme Summers, Leilani Mitchell
20.45: 5-Minute Break
20. 50: Workshop 17 – Square Dancing at the Ok Corral
Speaker: David Gibbons UKATA Diploma TA Practice, Vice Chair of UKATA
21.05: Workshop 18 – Talk With Dr Mark Widdowson
Having a chat with Dr Mark Widdowson, Ph.D, M.Sc (TA Psych), ECP, PG.Dip.Couns, CTA, TSTA, PGCertTLHE, FHEA Psychotherapist and Counsellor.
Speaker: Dr Mark Widdowson
21.20: Finale: Ending, Celebration, Reflection
Speaker: Leilani Mitchell Dip. Couns. CTA (P) Psychotherapist, TSTA (P) Director of The Link Centre

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