Personal Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching

Life can be challenging for us sometimes. We live in a society that is highly stressed and the environments we often find ourselves in are not conducive to psychological health and wellbeing.

With the latest research into how our brains function we know much more about how our past affects how we are now, how we can unconsciously create problems for ourselves and what we can do about it?

We all have blind spots and sometimes find ourselves in situations where we might be anxious, depressed, in conflict with partners, colleagues or friends, we may feel badly about ourselves or others or feel that our emotions are out of control.

Working with a professional who is experienced and trained to facilitate can help you to identify the issues and make the changes that you want to enhance the quality of your life now and in the future. Our therapists work with a range of issues and work with individuals, couples and groups in a safe, confidential environment.

At The Link Centre, we offer a range of psychotherapy, counselling & coaching services for clients struggling with day-to-day issues or mental health concerns.

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