TA History

TA was founded by Eric Berne (author of the bestselling book Games People Play) in the 1950s and 1960s and has continued to develop and flourish ever since.

It is now a well-established approach used worldwide in areas such as coaching, resilience training, family therapy, psychotherapy, parenting, counselling, stress management, personal awareness and development, couples work, education and organisational development .

TA has many models that are easy to understand and apply but with a depth of theory behind them. These models can help us to understand who we are and how /why others are different from us. It gives us models to understand how we communicate and how that communication goes wrong, the unconscious processes that we repeat in our lives and what to do about them. We can also use TA to consider why people think feel and behave the way they do. With insight and understanding we can manage ourselves and our relationship with others better.

TA has many useful models such as: Ego States, Games, Rackets, Discounting, Contracting, Life Script, Hungers, Personality, Adaptations and others

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Link Centre to anyone exploring their understanding of Transactional Analysis.” Hugh Mason

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