Radical Inclusion Webinars, 2 Hours, in collaboration with Onlinevents

With the aim of making training accessible to all, our online, 2-hour webinars are by-donation – so you can choose what you pay. Please contribute what you can, so the group is accessible for all colleagues. Recordings are also available to purchase for £9.99 each.

The workshops take place on Monday mornings between 10am and 12pm (GMT) and occasionally at other times. They are on a wide range of subjects and everyone is welcome to attend.

Workshops are presented in English, but some are also being translated (and recorded) live into BCS, Russian, Hindi, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Bengali, German and Dutch.

These inspiring talks, presentations and discussions are in collaboration with OnlinEvents. To book click “Book Now” or scroll to the set of  “Book This Course” green buttons at the bottom. 

How to Access Workshops: The events are hosted on the Zoom and you will receive an email with the link. You will need a webcam and microphone as well as a good internet connection, although these can also be accessed on a phone or tablet.

Workshop Recordings: The recordings from the workshops are available as an option when you purchase a ticket for the event or via this link : Library (courses-onlinevents.co.uk) .   It takes a little while to process and edit the recording and the link will be sent to you as soon as it is available. 

Workshop Queries: If you have a query regarding your bookings for these talks or Zoom access to the talk or recordings, please email help@onlinevents.co.uk  

Upcoming Workshops:

Topic: Working with Hopelessness Workshop

Date: Monday 4th December       Time: 10.00-12.00 (BST)

Speaker: Joanna Groves

How do we hold space for hopelessness and maintain a sense of self in our work?
The sorrows of the world reach wide and deep…climate change, oppression, concerns for the future, economic crisis, late life neurodivergent diagnoses, post-pandemic loss & anxieties…
As practitioners, it’s important to explore our own experiences and ways of working with hopelessness so that we may tend to others. Drawing on the work of Francis Weller, Sharon Blackie, and others, we’ll explore ideas of The Long Dark. Hopelessness as a necessary and life affirming part of living in the world as it is today. When seen through this lens, we can support our clients to access imagination, connection to nature, and the growth and healing possibilities that hopelessness brings.
In this experiential presentation we’ll look at practical ways you can work with hopelessness using ‘gateways’ that facilitate curiosity. This approach will also enhance your understanding of the transference / countertransference in your work.

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Topic: The Art and Science of Relationship: Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy

Date: Tuesday 12th December        Time: 18.00-20.00 (BST)

Speaker:  Mark Head Interview with Richard Erskine

Richard Erskine and Janet Moursund recent book, available from www.firingthemind.comis an invitation for psychotherapist to engage their clients in a cooperative venture. It presents a unique theory and practice that demonstrates how the therapeutic relationship is key to helping clients become integrated or whole. Richard and Janet’s style of writing and the various examples of actual therapy makes their concepts and methods easy to understand.

In this webinar Mark Head will interview Richard Erskine about the various concepts presented in this book. Richard will discuss his thoughts and experiences on creating a healing relationship in the practice of psychotherapy and counselling. He is always generous in his willingness to share his vast knowledge from over 50 years of practice. Richard’s warm and open manner, together with his unique insight and perspectives , always provides us with a valuable learning experience.
Please join us for this two-hour online discussion.

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Click on the link below to see Leilani Mitchell and Mark Head, Link Centre Directors, talking about TA in a Crisis, at a similar previous Online CPD Event held in 2021:

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Monday 4th December - Working with Hopelessness Workshop with Joanna Groves


Tuesday 12th December - The Art and Science of Relationship: Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy, Mark Head Interview with Richard Erskine



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