Diploma in Counselling (Advanced TA Training – Level 6)

This level-6 course is accredited by the National Counselling Society who hold a PSA (government) voluntary approved register  for counsellors and psychotherapists. This course is for those wanting to qualify with a Diploma in Counselling and be able to work with a wide range of client presentations.

It is designed to facilitate students in becoming professional, ethical and competent counsellors with sound theoretical knowledge and high level of skill and personal awareness. The course includes taught elements, discussion, case presentation, experiential exercises, skills practice, feedback and coaching.

At The Link Centre we teach a wide range of TA approaches including ideas from Classical, Cathexis, Redecision, Integrative and Relational perspectives. We believe it is important for TA professionals to be able to flex and adapt their approach to the needs of the clients. In addition it is important to stay up to date with an evolving understanding of counselling and psychotherapy, and we incorporate recent ideas from neuroscience and other developing fields.

The first year of this training is the Foundation Year Certificate in TA Theory which gives students a good grounding in theory and personal awareness. The two final years (Clinical Year 1 & 2) are Advanced TA training, focusing on clinical application. On the Saturdays of each weekend we continue to develop theoretical understanding including a wide range of client presentations and Sundays are used to practice and develop skills for applying the theory.

In the second year of training (Clinical Year 1) the tutors will assess student’s level of skill and award a letter of endorsement when students are at a level of competence to begin a voluntary placement seeing clients. Students are required to secure their own placement and we have a placement officer and placement directory to support our students in this process.

Students who complete this training can also go on to complete one more year and have the training hours to become a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. Click here for our Psychotherapy course.

Sample Content: Clinical Year 1

  • Module 1. What is Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Module 2. Meeting the Client for the First Time
  • Module 3. Starting in Practice and Self Care
  • Module 4.  Different Client Presentations
  • Module 5. Understanding Relationships
  • Module 6. Treatment Planning
  • Module 7. Health, Ill-Health and the Journey Towards
  • Module 8. Facilitating Change
  • Module 9. TA Tools and Techniques
  • Module 10. Groups and Group Process

Sample Content: Clinical Year 2

  • Module 1. Working with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Fear
  • Module 2. Working with Trauma
  • Module 3. Working with Addictions
  • Module 4. Working with Depression
  • Module 5. Working with Bereavement and Loss
  • Module 6. Difference and Diversity
  • Module 7. Working with Couples
  • Module 8. Working with Children and Adolescence
  • Module 9. Working with Personality Disorders
  • Module 10. Working with Sex and Sexuality

Assessment: Assessment is ongoing on the course and involves theory knowledge, self-awareness, and willingness to hear feedback, skills competency, and formal assessments as below

  • Foundation year – Learning journal, short questionnaire, two written pieces (one of 1000 words and one of 2000 words)
  • Clinical year 1 – Learning journal, short questionnaires after each weekend, one 2000-word essays, one skills assessment
  • Clinical year 2 – Learning journal, two written pieces of 2000 words

Counselling Skills:  To be eligible to take our Diploma in Counselling exam students must also have completed 90 hours of counselling skills training this can be with us or elsewhere or combination of both. We offer a 30 hour course each summer at different levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Personal Therapy: Personal Therapy (min 40 sessions P/A) is a requirement for this course

Exam Criteria: On successful completion of the Foundation Year, plus two Advanced TA Clinical Years, a minimum of 200 supervised practice hours, and 90 hours counselling skills training and personal therapy hours, students are eligible to take our Counselling Diploma Exam. This exam consists of a written exam and an oral exam presentation of their work.

Qualifications: Diploma in Counselling (NCS Accredited)

This qualification is accredited by the NCS (National Counselling Society) who hold a PSA (government) voluntary approved register.

APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) :  If you have completed counselling or psychotherapy training elsewhere it may be possible to APL you on to this course – please email us for space availability.  You would need to complete an application form and attend an interview.

Course Location: Our courses are planned to run face to face at our training venue at Plumpton College, East Sussex .  In the event of Covid restrictions or unforeseen factors, we use the Zoom online platform as a back up to deliver the training.

*Cost: The course fee for October 2021/2022 is £2784 for new students joining the Link Centre and is inclusive of VAT. Full details of course costs and associated training costs (eg for therapy, student memberships etc) can be found here.


*£2784 (2021/2022)

Booking and Dates

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Upcoming Dates:

The next course will commence in October 2021.

Clinical Year 1 – Current Academic Year 2020/2021 

3rd / 4th October 2020
31st October / 1st November
28th/29th November
2nd/3rd January 2021
30th /31st January
6th / 7th March
10th / 11th April
8th/9th May
5th / 6th June
3rd / 4th July

Clinical Year 1 – Academic Year 2021/2022

2/3 October 2021
6/7 November 2021
4/5 December 2021
8/9 January 2022
5/6 February 2022
5/6 March 2022
26/27 March 2022
30 Apr/1 May 2022
28/29 May 2022
2/3 July 2022

Clinical Year 2 – Current Academic Year 2020/2021 

17th / 18th October 2020
7th / 8th November
5th / 6th December
9th / 10th January 2021
6th / 7th February
13th / 14th March
17th / 18th April
15th / 16th May
12th / 13th June
10th / 11th July

Clinical Year 2 Academic Year 2021/2022

16/17 October 2021
13/14 November 2021
11/12 December 2021
15/16 January 2022
12/13 February 2022
12/13 March 2022
9/10 April 2022
21/22 May 2022
11/12 June 2022
9/10 July 2022

Payment Options:

A termly payment scheme is currently being considered


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