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Professional Associations:

UKCP – UK Council For Psychotherapy

UKATA – UK Association of Transactional Analysis (previously known as ITA – Institute of Transactional Analysis)

EATA – European Transacational Analysis Association

The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society :

The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society

The Link Centre Diploma in Counselling course is accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and, subject to NCPS terms and conditions, is a route onto a national register of counsellors which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority .

Video Library Resource

Leilani talks to the past President of EATA  Krispijn Plettenberg


Leilani talks to Jan Hennig about the last 40 years of EATA


Leilani talks to Maria Teresa Tosi about What is Psychotherapy


Leilani talks to Liselotte Fassbind Kech about What is Counselling


Leilani talks to Richard Erskine about his ideas on the 8 Relational Needs


Leilani Talks to Bill Cornell


Leilani talks to Adrienne Lee about Process Contracting


Leilani talks to Charlotte Sills about The Contracting Matrix


Leilani talks to Lies de Bruinj about the concept of Physis from TA


Leilani talks to Ronen Stilman about the concept of Script


Leilani talks to Evelyn Papaux about The Permission Wheel


Leilani talks to Gunther Mohr about his ideas 10 System Dimension in Organisations


Leilani talks to Giles Barrow about using TA in the Educational Field


Leilani talks to Thorsten Geck about the TA Theory or Roles


Leilani talks to Annette Deilman about using TA in Organisations


Leilani talks to Laurie Hawkes about TA Psychotherapy


Leilani talks to Ulf Hedquist about using Strokes


Leilani talks to Magdalena Gamkat about the Script Matrix


Leilani asks international colleagues what they like about TA


Leilani interviews the past president of EATA Marco Mazzetti


Leilani talks to Trudi Newton about the Health System from TA



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