The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis ( TA101)

This two-day course is packed full of useful models that can be applied in a wide range of work settings, as well as in your personal life. TA is used widely throughout the world in organisations, education, counselling, psychotherapy, parenting, coaching and many other areas.

Participants are invited to reflect upon themselves and others, to integrate the learning, and to bring real examples from their life and identify alternative options for behaviour and communication that serve us better.

The teaching is interactive, lively and stimulating and groups are kept small to enhance learning. There will be a combination of teaching, discussion, practical exercise and time for reflection.

We have been running our core training and other courses online using Zoom and we, and students, have been pleasantly surprised at how effective it has been and the good contact we have been able to make with each other. Whilst it is not the same as face to face, we are all in a position where we are being forced to work online and students are finding this is helping them get used to the technology and learn and engage in a different way and open up a new potential market for future work. Zoom is also a very simple tool and we just send you a link to click on and we do all the rest.

We will covers topics such as:

  • Life script and how we make decisions early in our life that become unconscious and affect us now both professionally and personally
  • Psychological Games and how we and others unconsciously set up repetitive patterns to keep our world predictable and familiar
  • Ego States and the different aspects of ourselves and others and how we can operate from each of these
  • Transactions and the ways with which we communicate with others
  • Rackets and how we and others can create our own reality and stay wedded to that
  • and much more

Pre course requirements: None

Sample Content

  • Day 1 Contracting, Life Script, Life Positions, Ego States, Transactions, Functional Modes
  • Day 2 Discounting, Games, Time Structuring, Rackets, Drivers, Injunctions, Autonomy

Assessment: None

Recognition:  An Internationally recognised (European Association for Transactional Analysis) TA101 Certificate from The Link Centre. This is also a prerequisite for any further formal training in Transactional Analysis

“I loved this course! It’s fast paced and packed with incredibly useful ideas that were explained and illustrated with great examples and practice. We were supported as a group and individually by Leilani who is a brilliant trainer. She presented complex ideas and made them accessible. Engaging, informative and oh so useful!” TA101 participant – January 2020

May I take this opportunity to say just what  a wonderful course that was and that I am so going to learn and develop from this.  Your course made me be the most honest that I have ever felt towards myself and that was an immeasurable gift” – TA101 participant – July 2016 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am not sure how it could be improved except by doing it in person. It was well- constructed, plenty of interactive material and appropriate break times. I felt the whole course passed in a flash. I am finding that I can remember things from the course and discuss them with others. I have already recommended the course to one friend!” – Gill – Online TA101 participant – January 2021

“The course was very full and informative and Leilani was very knowledgeable about TA, gave really easy to understand examples and was very relatable and down to earth.  I really enjoyed the interaction with the other participants.  I think it would have added another dimension to have been face to face, however, the fact that it was online allowed me to attend from abroad without having to fly over so that was a big plus and the two days were very well managed online.” – Alison – Online TA101 participant – March 2021

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Booking and Dates

24th/25th July 2021 (online)


9th/10th October 2021 (Plumpton College)


29th/30th January 2022 (online)


Upcoming Dates:

Course Dates

24th/25th July 2021 (Live Online) – 9.30am to 4.30pm

9th/10th October 2021 (planned to be at Plumpton College) – 9.30am to 4.30pm

November 2021 (Live Online) – dates to be advised

29th/30th January 2022 (Live Online) – 9.30am to 4.30pm

2nd/3rd April 2022 – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Cancellation Policy:

50% refund will be given on cancellations with more than 7 days’ notice


The Link Centre, Sussex Rural Business Centre, Plumpton College, Ditchling Road, Plumpton, East Sussex BN7 3AE (or online if not possible)


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