Psychotherapy Training

For those wanting to qualify as UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) registered and EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) qualified CTA (Certified Transactional Analysis) Psychotherapists with both national and international accreditation/recognition.

We offer a combined counselling and psychotherapy training and to gain the Psychotherapy qualification you need to successfully complete four years of part time training (10 weekends per year). The starting point is the 2 day TA101, followed by the Foundation Year in TA Theory  and 2 years of Diploma in Counselling Course and then a further Psychotherapy year. (if you are already a qualified counsellor or have completed TA training elsewhere it may be possible to APL you for the years you have already completed)

In the fourth year the Saturdays are theory days (see sample below) and the Sundays the learning agenda is developed by the students themselves with subjects such as revisiting theory, client presentation, supervision, exam preparation, skills training, mock exams or anything the group is wanting apart from personal therapy.

Pre Course requirement: Attendance of TA101, successful completion of Foundation Year in TA Theory and successful completion of Diploma in Counselling Course Year 1 and 2 of training, a minimum of 120 hours of personal therapy, tutor endorsement to continue training.

Sample Content:

  • Week 1. TA and other theories
  • Week 2. Working with Personality Disorders and DSM Diagnosis
  • Week 3. Working with eating disorders
  • Week 4. Working relationally, what , when, how and contra- indicators
  • Week 5. Working relationally part 2
  • Week 6. Working with children, ethics and consideration
  • Week 7. TA and body work and how we hold script in the body
  • Week 8. Working outside the therapy room
  • Week 9. TA, brain function and mindfulness
  • Week 10. Review where we are, endings and celebration

Personal Therapy: Students need to be in ongoing therapy throughout the four years training and usually until they take their exam (min 40 sessions per year).

Exam Criteria: To take this exam students must have successfully completed four years training, have completed at least 160 hours of personal therapy, conducted a minimum of 750 hours of client work (individual + some group/couples work), had supervision from a TA supervisor at a ratio of 1:5, completed an extra 500 hours of other relevant training (some of this can be from before the start this course). The exam consists of a written exam and then an oral exam.

Qualification: The CTA (Certified Transactional Analyst) is an EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) qualification with international recognition and also automatically gives you UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) which also entitles you to be on the UKCP’s PSA (Professional Standards Authority) government approved, voluntary register for counsellors and psychotherapists.

APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) : If you are already a qualified counsellor or have completed some TA training elsewhere it may be possible to APL you on to this course. Please contact us for further details.

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£2230 ( 2019/2020)

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Upcoming Dates:

Course Dates commencing October 2019 (Clinical Year 3 – Academic Year 2019/2020)

19th/20th October 2019
16th/17th November
7th/8th December
11th/12th January 2020
8th/9th February
7th/8th March
4th/5th April
2nd/3rd May
6th/7th June
4th/5th July


The Link Centre, Plumpton College, Ditchling Road, Plumpton, East Sussex BN7 3AE

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