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Our online workshop series has resumed!  This term they will be twice a week – Monday morning and Tuesday evenings.  We are looking forward to reconnecting with you all again.

The Link Centre are running a series of inspiring talks, presentations and discussions about Transactional Analysis in collaboration with Online Events. To book scroll to bottom of page. 

The events are hosted on the Zoom meeting platform, where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group and we will utilise the Zoom breakout rooms function for small group work.

These workshops are offered on a self-select fee. Please contribute what you can, so the group is accessible for all colleagues.

These events will include live discussion and group process and are not appropriate for recording.

You will need a webcam and microphone as well as a good internet connection, although these can also be accessed on a phone or tablet.

Topic: Working with Boarding School Survivors

Date: Tuesday 27th October                Time: 18.00-20.00 (BST)

Speaker: Karen Macmillan

We will have ex-boarders in our therapy rooms, and they may not tell us they went to boarding school.

While the numbers who go are relatively small, boarding school has a huge reach in our culture. Our government, press and legal system are full of ex-boarders.

Clients themselves may have been sent away (some as young as 5 or 6), and we may also see clients who have a partner, parent, sibling, friend or work colleague who went.

Using the theories developed by Nick Duffell and Joy Schaverien, this workshop will help you to:
– understand core issues for ex-boarders and how they arise
– recognise underlying and often hidden trauma
– identify and manage common difficulties arising in therapeutic work with boarding school survivors, and
– respond to a client group that can be difficult to reach with compassion and strength

Topic: Swimming in the Emocean: Using Imagery, Metaphor and Symbolism in Our Work

Date: Monday 2nd November                  Time: 10.00-12.00 (BST)

Speaker: Bev Gibbons

Images, metaphors and symbols are a universal language; they provide a bridge, between the inner, felt, sense and the outer sense, which is expressed in behaviour and language.

They give a way of both containing and expanding emotional experience, and provide ways of exploring and understanding the unique, individual experience of another, and the way meaning is constructed.

Topic: Working with Transgender Clients

Date: Tuesday 3rd November                Time: 18.00-20.00 (BST)

Speaker: Liza Heatley

TA has various models that are really useful for working with a wide range of clients and contexts.

Liza Heatley is a core tutor at The Link Centre and has a specialism in working with Transgender clients.

This session will be about her ideas, her work and her experience to support others working with this client group.

Topic: Emotional Pacifiers – Explore You & Your Clients Relationship with Feelings

Date: Monday 9th November                  Time: 10.00-12.00 (BST)

Speaker: Anisha Pandya

Have you ever caught yourself feeling a particular emotion but demonstrating something else? Have you felt that sometimes your emotional responses don’t seem to fit the situation or are out of proportion to it?

Have you noticed that you tend to experience this feeling lot more than the others during different stress situations? Do you feel like you tend go in circles with this particular feeling/s and it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose?

Through this workshop, the facilitator will be presenting an innovative model which she has built over the last nine years of observing babies and working with children. These new ideas can help us as a diagnostic tool and to plan our treatment with clients including which interventions will be effective with different clients.

This new model builds on and extends the idea of Rackets from Transactional Analysis by considering:
– Genetic predispositions
– Somatization
– Effects of parenting
– Different types of rackets

Topic:Using TA in Supervision Workshop

Date: Tuesday 10th November                Time: 18.00-20.00 (BST)

Speaker: Mark Head

Over the last 40 years our understanding of supervision and supervision approaches has developed considerably.

Now rather than an experienced practitioner just deciding it was time they could supervise, there are many courses to help practitioners understand what supervision is, how it differs from therapy, what needs to be attended to, and what models and approaches can help in this endeavour.

Within Transactional Analysis there is a process for the development of supervisors, and there are many TA supervisors, however, there is little literature on how TA can inform supervision.

In this workshop, Mark Head will be inviting you to look at what TA can offer in the field of supervision.

Topic: Moving Towards Physical and Mental Health for those Suffering with Eating Disorders

Date: Monday 16th November                  Time: 10.00-12.00 (BST)

Speaker: Bernie Wright and Lisa Smith

Bernie and Lisa have been working together in this area since 2007 and delivering training together for a number of years, they simply believe that:
• Nutrition therapy alone can be dangerous
• Therapy alone may be ineffective
• Together they are most effective
• In this field it is important to work as an integrated team.

This talk considers how to promote change when working with clients who battle to overcome the tyrannical voice of the eating disorder and how nutrition and therapy work seamlessly together.

The talk will look briefly at the differences and challenges practitioners in this field face as we consider both physical and medical risk.

Topic: Mindfulness and Compassion-Oriented Integrative Psychotherapy

Date: Tuesday 17th November                Time: 18.00-20.00 (BST)

Speaker: Gregor Žvelc and Maša Žvelc

In this workshop we will present core ideas from our new book published by Routledge: Integrative psychotherapy: A mindfulness- and compassion-oriented approach. I

n this approach we integrate Erskine’ relationally-focused integrative psychotherapy with the practice and research of mindfulness and compassion.

Click on the link below to see Leilani Mitchell and Mark Head, Link Centre Directors, talking about TA in a Crisis, at a similar previous Online CPD Event held in March:-

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Monday 26th October - Working with Dissociated States of Self in the Therapeutic Relationship


Tuesday 27th October - Working with Boarding School Survivors


Monday 2nd November - Swimming in the Emocean: Using Imagery, Metaphor and Symbolism in Our Work


Tuesday 3rd November - Working with Transgender Clients


Monday 9th November - Emotional Pacifiers – Explore You & Your Clients Relationship with Feelings


Tuesday 10th November - Using TA in Supervision


Monday 16th November - Moving Towards Physical and Mental Health for those Suffering with Eating Disorders


Tuesday 17th November - Mindfulness and Compassion-Oriented Integrative Psychotherapy



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