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Our online workshops take place on Monday mornings 10am-12pm (GMT) and Tuesday evenings from 6pm-8pm (GMT).  The talks are in English but are being translated LIVE into Russian, Hindi, Romanian, Italian, Croatian, Bengali, German & Dutch. We are striving to make TA (and some other topics) accessible to all.  

The inspiring talks, presentations and discussions are in collaboration with Online Events. To book scroll to the set of  “Book this Course” green buttons at the bottom or right hand side of the page. 

The events are hosted on the Zoom meeting platform, where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group and we will utilise the Zoom breakout rooms function for small group work.

These workshops are offered on a self-select fee. Please contribute what you can, so the group is accessible for all colleagues.

These events will include live discussion and group process and are not appropriate for recording.

You will need a webcam and microphone as well as a good internet connection, although these can also be accessed on a phone or tablet.

The recordings from the workshops are being made available for purchase,  You can buy them here or via the “Book this Course” green button at the bottom or right hand side of this page. 

If you have a query regarding your booking for these talks or  Zoom access to the talk or recordings, please email

Topic: Using Imago Relationship Therapy To Transform Couples Relationships

Date: Monday 21st June                Time: 10.00-12.00 (GMT)

Speaker: Ian Tomlinson

How much time have you spent in your therapy training learning to work with couples? My guess is not much! There is a very high demand for well-trained couples therapists and working with couples can be a great way to diversify your practice.
Imago Relationship Therapy is a relational modality of couples therapy, that offers both the ‘Why’ (theory) and ‘How’ to couples work .
In this workshop, Ian will explain why couples get stuck and what you can do to help them move out of reactivity into connection.
He will talk you through the Imago view of the 6 stages of a relationship and give practical strategies you can use to get your couples out of the power struggle and into real love.

Topic: Rechilding, Deconfusion & Redecision: What’s the Difference?

Date: Tuesday 22nd June                 Time: 18.00-20.00 (GMT)

Speaker: Beren Aldridge

Some might say that a distinguishing feature of a psychotherapist is the capacity to work with someone beyond insight and clarification to offer psychotherapy and change at depth, in realms of the personality that are less easily verbalised or consciously known.
Petruska Clarkson and Sue Fish made an addition to TA theory in offering Rechilding as an important stage of psychotherapy and change.

‘Rechilding’ describes the process of creating new Child ego states that are congruent with the developmental stages where a person experienced distress or misattunement. It is a different technique to Deconfusion of Child ego states, and of Redecision within Child ego states. All three are important aspects of the work of psychotherapy.

This workshop will offer a brief tour through the theory that distinguishes these concepts, and offer guidance on techniques a practitioner may use. It will be enriched by a created case example based on my work in private practice.

Topic: Exploring Life Script Creatively using Favourite Fairy Tales

Date: Monday 28th June                Time: 10.00-12.00 (GMT)

Speaker: Nataliia Isaieva PTSTA-P

The original script theory was developed by Eric Berne and his colleagues, especially Claude Steiner, in the mid-60s. Eric Berne suggested that we could use a favourite fairy tale to explore ours and our clients script.
According to the theory of TA, a life script is drawn up by the child in the form of a story with a designated beginning, middle and end.

To the child who made the story, this can feel like a completed process and plan for life. People then often live out these plans creating their own reality for themselves as they go.

Based on these theories, Nataliia and her colleagues have developed a useful questionnaire and a practical way of applying these ideas with a range of clients and groups. This can be used within a clear contract for relationship to enhance the clients insight and awareness and give the practitioner useful information for diagnosis and treatment.
In this workshop, Nataliia will present this theory and invite you to choose a favourite fairy tale or story that has significance to you. We will use this story to work through the questionnaire providing each participant with their own results and a rich opportunity to gain understanding of the unconscious process of your own script, along with the ability to change this if you want to.

Topic: Starting Out in Private Practice

Date: Tuesday 29th June                 Time: 18.00-20.00 (GMT)

Speaker: Fleur Newton-Edwards

According to Gill Warren (2010), “More than half of therapists have not set up in business or are no longer trading three years after they qualify”.

Let’s make sure you’re in the other half!

The session will begin with a thought-provoking and reflective experience into your own personal challenges in setting up in private practice and how to overcome them.

We’ll then focus on the key questions of, where do I start? How will I get clients? Will I earn enough?
Fleur’s aim from this short session is to normalise the feelings you may be having, to give you a starting point and a good dose of motivation and inspiration.

EXTRA WORKSHOP: Topic: Sex, Heart and Attachment as a Relationship Creating Framework

Date: Wednesday 30th June                 Time: 18.00-20.00 (GMT)

Speaker: Patricia Matt

People have different needs, sexual preferences and attachment experiences in the context of love relationships.

This gives rise to a wide variety of expectations of the other person. These entrance doors, target doors and trap doors that arise in the process must be managed together in contact.

In this workshop, Patricia will address different relationship levels, as well as the regulation of expectation management in the trinity of sex, heart and attachment.

The aim is to perceive the different needs. By bringing these into contact with one another without discounting, intimacy is created.

Patricia will combine TA concepts, such as the relationship contract by Hans Jellouschek, the stroke model by E. Berne, with approaches based on sexology, body therapy and attachment theory.

Click on the link below to see Leilani Mitchell and Mark Head, Link Centre Directors, talking about TA in a Crisis, at a similar previous Online CPD Event held in March:-

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