Want to start or grow your private practice?

Fleur Newton-Edwards set up her own private practice, working on a part time basis. Within two months, she had a full client workload and this has continued. Outside of this, Fleur works in a corporate environment, which has given her some insight into running a business as well as being able to do something you love and have a passion for. She’s keen to share her own and some of her colleagues’ experiences and challenges in starting up and growing a successful private practice.

When and why did you start up your own private practice?
Some 10 years before I began my psychotherapy training my manager at the time asked me “what do you want to be doing in 10 years”? I said, “I want to be a counsellor”!
It took me a while to get around to it but when I began training and realised I loved it, I was focussed and determined to have my own private practice. I worked corporately full time at that point and was keen to get off of that treadmill and begin working for myself in a capacity where I hoped I would be able to support others.

What do you like about working in private practice?
I love the autonomy, I love having created it, it being “mine” and successful! I love being able to support people and I feel privileged to work with my clients, sharing their pain and hurt, their fear and their joy. I also love the choices working in private practice gives me.

Would you say it is just as important to be professionally ready as well as personally ready?
Completely, I think it’s key. All too often I sense people have the enthusiasm and desire to work in private practice and wait for people to come to them. To be successful I really do feel it needs a smattering of business understanding and a willingness to learn how that world works. As well as remembering it needs to be sustainable for you, it is a business after all.

Without giving too much away! What is the single most important factor to consider when setting up a private practice?
Being visible, getting out their and promoting yourself / what you do or finding somebody who can help you do that. (however cringy you may find it!)

What can participants expect from the Private Practice course?
We’ll explore different aspects of starting up or growing your own private practice, thinking about:
– – Personal strengths and barriers
– – Professional and practical tips
– – As well as an opportunity and space to develop thinking further and consider what a personal action plan may look like in order to make this happen.

My plan for this session is for it to be discussion based, the sharing of feelings and ideas as well as some activities to promote thinking.

Working in Private Practice course starts Saturday 14th March 2020 9.30am – 4.30pm. Click here for more information 

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