Studying at the Link Centre

At The Link Centre, as well as taster courses and CPD workshops, we run Counselling and Psychotherapy Training. These courses are for those wishing to go on and qualify as counsellors and/or UKCP registered psychotherapists. The courses take place part time over 10 weekends a year allowing students to study while also working full time. They combine Transactional Analysis (TA) theory with practical application, demonstrations and case examples in a group environment.

Students come to us from all different backgrounds, and for many different reasons. They all have a common interest in people, and understanding themselves better, but choose to undertake the training for many different and personal reasons.

We have asked a few of our students to explain to us why they chose this route, and how they are finding the course so far – we hope you find it interesting and enlightening reading.

Bob Walton

“I became interested in counselling when living in London in the mid 1990’s, after undertaking counselling with my wife. After spending two years training in Psychodynamic and Person Centred counselling, I moved to my current residence in east Sussex and for a further 7-8 years no further training was undertaken.

I became aware of The Link Centre and the TA training and decided to give it a go! I found out that as well as being an interesting subject and a personal learning experience, the course had reaffirmed my desire to become a counsellor. Little did I know what the change would turn out to become in terms of commitment and personal growth, and am now at my current level (Clinical year 2 going on to my fourth year).

My time at The Link Centre has shown me many things and has challenged my feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Mark, Leilani and Cazzy and a host of guest lecturers have revealed an ocean of ideas, theories, experiences, light bulb moments, personal emotions and most of all a huge change for me in terms of my own self and my future work. Coupled with an unbreakable bond formed within my own group of trainees whom I have shared many of mine and their life experiences happy and sad.

I don’t believe this experience would have been possible were it not for the support and mentoring of all the Link Centre people and I am very happy that I took that glance in that publication 3 or so years ago and stepped back into the world of counselling and all that it offers to myself and others. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with ALL the people I have met at the Link Centre both professionally and socially.”

Justine James

“Being a student at The Link Centre is a very rewarding experience.  Not only are you encouraged to think, feel and behave like an Adult (in terms of TA theory), but you are also treated like one in that you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning journey.

I think The Link Centre provides a fabulous learning environment – the tutors are inspiring and the people that I have met come from all walks of life which adds to the richness of the learning experience.

The learning I have experienced is theoretical, practical and social.”

Maryline Leese

“My experience of being a student at The Link Centre has been a very positive one. I find that the learning environment is rich, safe and dynamic. The tutors are clearly knowledgeable and have walked the path of becoming a TA psychotherapist and trainer themselves. They make themselves available as a resource as well as bringing books and articles to provide first class teaching which is tutor-led when necessary and student-centred to ensure everyone’s needs are met. The tutors’ style is congruent with the spirit and philosophy of Transactional Analysis, which means the weekends are a safe and contained environment in which to explore, learn, ask questions, challenge and be challenged. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and themselves and this is modelled by the tutors themselves. The premises are ideal for the needs of the students with plenty of space, inside and out, with also plenty of opportunities to mix with other students. The structure of the course is well planned and the information given very clear and comprehensive. As a student there, I have felt welcome, respected, valued and well supported.”

Jo Brewster – My choice to be a counsellor

“I first thought I’d like to be a counsellor or psychotherapist when I was about 15. I had often found myself helping friends and family who were in emotional distress and had also experienced some difficulties myself which I wanted to understand, so I chose to study a degree in Psychology.

After University I took a Counselling Skills course. I really enjoyed it and wanted to continue training, but at that time it was not possible to train until the age of 25, so I went travelling and then got a job doing support work with young people. Once approaching 25 I started to look for a course that would provide me with a Diploma in Counselling.

During this time I also started going to personal therapy for some issues I was experiencing and saw a local Transactional Analysis (TA) therapist who specialised in these issues. I learned about the TA approach and concepts over time and really liked it; it made sense to me and also really helped me. This is one of the reasons I chose to train in TA and join The Link Centre.

I have made some big changes in my life since I started studying which have been of huge gain for me, although painful and difficult at the time. I have felt empowered and supported by my personal therapist, the tutors and the group. I trust that by following the philosophy of TA and what I have learnt, I am doing the right thing for me and I feel a lot happier and more ‘me’ than I have in a very long time. I have also noticed small changes I’ve made in my life in terms of my general health and well-being, which can also be attributed to my journey of personal growth and change whilst studying TA at The Link Centre.

I’ve had a lot of fun on the courses so far, there are always opportunities for doing things in a fun, creative and experimental way. I believe I am more willing to try or partake in things which I may have felt self-conscious about doing before; the supportive environment enables this. I have been inspired by other people’s journeys on the course and have felt honoured to be part of and witness this. I believe very much in the philosophy of TA and the process of therapeutic personal change, growth and development because of this. We have often celebrated each other’s successes however small or big they seem. I recently completed the Brighton Marathon and felt I had my whole group and the tutors with me in the lead up to, on and after the event – which was lovely.”

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